Bad UFOs: Critical Thinking About UFO Claims by Mr. Robert Sheaffer PDF

By Mr. Robert Sheaffer

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ISBN-13: 9781519260840

What explains the human fascination with UFOs? the 1st suggested sighting of what used to be then referred to as "flying saucers" was once via deepest pilot Kenneth Arnold on June 24, 1947. inside a number of weeks, a whole "wave" of saucer sightings swept around the united states, and shortly the world over. And inside of many years this had multiplied to provide us alien ship crashes, the lads In Black, flying saucers bases, army and intelligence supplier conspiracies, NASA conspiracies, alien abductions, crop circles, alien autopsies, alien-human hybrids, farm animals mutilations, and the record simply keeps to develop.

Do the "saucers" (later renamed "UFOs") symbolize viewers from another planet, or very likely even anything more strange? How have they refrained from unambiguous detection for roughly seventy years? is that this as the equipment of technological know-how can't trap them? Or do experiences of UFOs have a lot in universal with stories of ghosts, witches, Bigfoot, and different creatures which are commonly mentioned and largely believed, yet exist merely within the imaginations of these who pursue them?

Bad UFOs discusses one of the most well-known and debatable alien craft circumstances of all time, from a rational and clinical standpoint:

· the Betty and Barney Hill ‘UFO abduction’ account
· the Phoenix lighting
· the Roswell ‘UFO crash,’ and the new ‘Roswell Slides’
· the intended ‘UFO touchdown’ in Rendlesham wooded area
· Travis Walton’s ‘UFO abduction’ declare
· UFOs obvious utilizing evening imaginative and prescient gear
· Steven Greer’s Disclosure venture, and ET touch Protocols

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It, too, failed to come up with anything really convincing, and CNES terminated all UFO investigations in 2004. In the 1990s, when according to news reports Mexico City was being inundated by a Saucer Blitz, Mexican UFO promoter and TV personality Jaime Maussan organized Los Vigilantes, who were supposed to be ready to respond to saucer reports with cameras and equipment at very short notice. They never obtained anything of significance. At the 2015 MUFON Symposium, Marc D’Antonio, MUFON’s chief photo/video analyst, described an ongoing effort to develop a multiple sensor device called UFOTOG II that will look for anomalous objects not only visually, but with magnetometers, gravity meters, spectroscopy, gamma ray and other detectors.

But both are natural allies in clearing away UFOlogical rubbish. It also allows us to identify those UFO researchers who are hopelessly mired in delusion, and (for example) still insist that the "Roswell Slides" (chapter 4) do not show a mummy, even after deciphering the placard proclaiming that they do! The real fault line in UFOlogy lies not between skeptics and proponents, but between “UFO realists” – skeptics and skeptical proponents who are willing to look for weaknesses and prosaic explanations for UFO claims, and the “UFO unrealists” who are ready to accept practically any exciting UFO claim on very little evidence.

His position is that he is sure that UFOs represent something unknown and significant, but does not claim to know what. " His chief complaint is, “What I discovered was that the [UFO] phenomenon is based in deception – of the human kind – and that there is no way ANYONE will understand the real truth unless they are willing to first accept that. ” In resigning, Carrion did not hesitate to name names concerning this deception: 2006 – The report by a bogus Dive Company of finding the 1953 Kinross UFO – perpetrators unknown and still at large.

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Bad UFOs: Critical Thinking About UFO Claims by Mr. Robert Sheaffer

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