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The silent workings, and nonetheless extra the explosions, of human ardour which deliver to mild the darker components of man's nature current to the philosophical observer issues of intrinsic curiosity; whereas to the jurist, the research of human nature and human personality with its endless kinds, particularly as affecting the relationship among rationale and motion, among abnormal hope or evil disposition and crime itself, is both crucial and tough.

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This is not too different from the more recent views of modern cosmologists. 57 Chrysippus ( ca. )—a native, incidentally, of Soli, the very town where his older contemporary, Aratus, was lx>rn—not only reorganized the Stoic school successfully, but also gave Stoicism a more sceptical slant on divination, in­ cluding astrology. H is attitude for example was ex­ pressed in a repartee to the Academic philosophers of his time in which Chrysippus. ’’ 58 A note of caution about divination thereafter became an accepted Stoic “ deviation ” for about a century, until Posidonius successfully preached a return to the uncom­ promising views of the early Stoics on matters like fatalism, ekpyroseis, and palingeueseis.

M Sextus Empiricus, adv. math. 5, 94; compare Cicero, de divinatione 2, 47, 98; Augustinus, de cwitate d ti 5, 7 ; cf. 108 Astrologers at all times tried with varying success co answer these arguments, often with very ingenious easoning,10" but never fully succeeded in overcoming he resistance of an intellectual minority of sceptics who continued the liasic opposition developed in the second century b . ('. by Cameades. ” 110 W hy the moon in 129 b . c . should grieve so deeply over the death of the belittler of her powers.

10 ( f. 116) ; also 3, 4, 4 (f. 157). By means of allegorical interpretation Crates tried to impute to Homer a Stoic concept of geography; Macrobius, sown. , 2, 9, 7; compare A. Schlachteit, Per Globus. -intike, Stoicheia 8; Ilf. , Leipzig and Berlin. , F. ; H. J. Mette, Sphairopoiia. Uiftersuclmngcn sur Kosmologie dcs Kratcs von Pcryamnn. Muenchen, Beck. 1936, also contains all known fragments of Crates' writings. 75 H e thus liecame a distinguished figure in the capital of the Attalid kingdom.

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