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By Ytha Yu, Charles Marut

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Rk>rmance. 8088. forms the baslt·se~of lnsfrnctlons· fot the· other rnlcroptocessots iri the family. aprrxssors. d 80188 are enhanced versions of the 8086 am! 8088, respectively. Their advantage is that they incorporate all the functions of the 8086 and 8088 microprocessors plus those of some support chips. They can also execute some new instructions called the extended i11structiv11 set. However, these processors offered no significant advantage over the 8086 and 8088 and were soon overshadowed by the development of the 80286.

Give the um1,1;ned and signed decimal interpretations. 4A Signed. and Unsigned Decimal Interpretations of 16-Bit Register/Memory Content"' Hex u,(signed decimal 0000 0001 0002 Signed d~cimal 0 0 2 2 9 10 9 10 8000 8001 32766 32767 32768 32769 32766 32767 -32768 -32767 FFFE FFFF 65534 65535 -2 -1 0009 OOOA 7FFE 7FFF Solution: Conversion of FEOCh to decimal yields 65036, which is the unsigned dec;mal interpretation. . For the signed interpretation, FEOCh = 1111111000001100. Since the sign bit is l, this is a negative number, call it -N.

1lOdels. is powered up, the 8086/8088 processor is put in a reset state, tlte CS register is s~t to FHFh, and IP is set to OOOOh. So the first instruction it executes is located at FFFFOh. This memory location is in ROM, and it contains an instruction that transfers control to the starting point of the BIOS routines. OS data area. Finally, BIOS loads the operating system from the system disk. This is done in two steps; first, the BIOS load~ a small program, called the boot program, then the boot program loads the actual operating system routines.

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