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Weekma n [2] evaluate d variou s reactor s for powdere d catalyst s use d mostl y in fluid be d processe s a s con › traste d t o particulat e catalysts . Doraiswam y an d Tajbl’ s [3] revie w deal t primaril y wit h fixed be d reactors . Diffor d an d Spence r [4] gav e a brie f revie w an d recommendation s on th e us e of differen t reactor s for variou s purposes . Jankowsk i et al. [5] describe d th e constructio n of variou s gradientles s reactors . Cook e [6] reviewe d bench-scal e reactor s an d trie d t o give a defini › tio n of th e idea l reactor .

D. Christman, G. E. Elliott, and G. S. Patent 3,730,879 (1973). 3. P. " Van Nostrand, New York (1922). 30 Bruce E. Leach 4. A. Mittasch, In "Advances in Catalysis" (Vol. 2), pp. 81 - 1 0 3 . Academic Press, New York (1950). 5. B. Luberoff, Chem Tech. page 8, (1981). 6. K. Ziegler, Brennst. , 35, 321 (1954); Belgian Patent 527,736 (1954). 7. J. Boor, Jr. "Ziegler-Natta catalysts and polymerizations," pp. 93-100. Academic Press, New York (1979). 8. H. , F. Joyner, and N. S. Patent 3,549,608, issued to H.

It is recom › mende d tha t som e measur e of activit y usin g eithe r th e actua l conversio n proces s or a surrogat e activit y test b e agree d upo n (see Fig. 1). Thes e specification s mus t describ e th e catalys t requirement s yet mus t b e reason › able . Th e payof f of a successfu l scale-u p progra m is a timely , economical , an d reproducibl e catalys t tha t meet s th e user’ s needs . It will no t b e th e ultimat e catalys t prepare d b y th e idea l process . Th e nex t ste p shoul d b e th e formulatio n of a conceptua l preliminar y TABL E I Element s of a Commo n Confidentialit y Agreemen t Names of the parties to the agreement Definition of what constitutes the information to be exchanged Commitment to keep information confidential and limit its use for other purposes Time period (term) Exceptions to commitment Where information is already known Where information becomes publicly known Third-party disclosure Where information is independently developed 34 E.

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