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By Joseph T. Eastman

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This crucial quantity presents an unique synthesis and novel evaluate of Antarctic fish biology, detailing the evolution of those fish in one of the most strange and severe environments on this planet. concentrating on one team of fish, the notothenoioids, which include the vast majority of the present organismal range, this publication describes a fauna that has developed in isolation and skilled remarkable adaptive radiation by means of buying quite a few physiological specializations. Darwin's finches and African cichlids can be joined through Antarctic fishes as exemplars of adaptive radiation.
The books' insurance is particular and accomplished, and the writer truly acknowledges the truth that those fish are an element of a finest and biologically precise surroundings and atmosphere. issues in Antarctic Fish Biology contain earlier and current environments, fossil documents, taxonomic composition of fauna, systematic relationships, diversification, and physiological diversifications

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2 and will be briefly defined here with little emphasis on the taxonomic composition of the fishes, which in many cases is poorly known. 2 summarizes informa­ tion for some of the Southern Ocean islands in the Antarctic and Subantarctic Regions. 3 lists notothenioids endemic to these islands. The East Antarctic Province includes the shelf waters of most of the continent except for the Antarctic Peninsula. There are relatively few islands, and shelf area is limited except in the vicinity of the Weddell and Ross Seas.

5 are not reconstructions of Antarctic material but depict representatives of the same fossil or modern taxa from elsewhere in the world. Most of the Paleozoic fishes in this figure are typical of the late middle Devonian Aztec fauna from Southern Victoria Land. From Eastman (1991b) with permission of Springer-Verlag. 590 PERIOD ERA 28 3 The Fossil Fish Faunas including \Mcmurdodus and \Antarctilamna\ four taxa of acanthodians (\Gyracanthides, ïAntarctonchus, fByssacanthoides, and \Culmacanthus)\ and various osteichthyans (lungfishes, rhipidistian crossopterygians, and palaeoniscoid actinopterygians).

Other species live in the water column as larvae or juveniles. For example, midwater trawling in the shelf waters of the Ross Sea revealed that 99% of the fishes captured were either juveniles from one of four notothenioid families or adults of the nototheniid species Pleuragramma antarctkum (DeWitt, 1970a). II. Elements of the Fauna A. Notothenioidei Although they provided neither a diagnosis nor a discussion, Greenwood et al. (1966) first recognized the Notothenioidei as a perciform suborder.

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