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Once upstream, the females will deposit packages of eggs on the stream bottom for the males to fertilize. Once the female lays her eggs, her role in mating is finished. Some studies have found that males prefer to fertilize the eggs of red females. The female’s red color is sending some sort of courtship signal to the male, but researchers don’t know why males prefer red females. A two-inch-long, freshwater fish called the stickleback also has a preference for red. Here, females appear to prefer 44 AnimAl courtship depositing eggs in the nests of red males.

Yet, things are different in the courtship of the Zeus water bug, a resident of Australia’s eastern coast. Female water bugs provide niceties for the males during courtship. the male Zeus water bug measures only about half the size of the female. during courtship, he rides on the female’s back eating a gift of protein-rich wax that she secretes from an organ near her head. the male will eat and mate with the female for as long as a week. scientists suspect that it’s easier and takes less energy for the female to carry the male than it does to look for a new male each time she is ready to mate.

Female spiders dominate courtship in size and behavior, but male spiders have their own set of physical tools and gestures. Females usually control the courtship and mating process of spiders, and display strong sexual dimorphism. Sexual dimorphism occurs when males and females of the same type of animal are different sizes or colors, or have different body parts. The female spiders are often much larger than the males, and most do not hesitate to eat the males. Some female spiders, such as the Australian redback spider, are known for devouring males immediately after (or even during) mating.

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