Eri Banno's An integrated course in elementary Japanese vol. 1 PDF

By Eri Banno

ISBN-10: 4789009637

ISBN-13: 9784789009638

It is a widespread textbook for starting jap overlaying the 4 uncomplicated talents - studying, writing, listening and conversing. Genki I covers classes 1 to twelve. Japanese/English

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Doozo Nice to meet you. yoroshiku. ①l砂会話 文法編 |表碍ノ ー ト Expresslon Notes おはよう/あ り カ1 と う 砂 Ohayoo is used between friends and family mem­ bers, while ohayoo gozaimasu is used between less intimate acquaintances, similarly with aJなαtoo and arigatoo gozaimasu. The rule of thumb is: if you are on a first-name basis with someone, go for the shorter versions. If you would address someone as Mr. , use the longer versions. To give a concrete example, the social expectation is such that students are to use the longer variants when they speak with a professor.

Asoko over there doko where キ だれ d a re \\・ho * おい し L、 * さかな oishii delicious sakana fish * ど ん かっ tonkatsu pork cutlet キ に く * メニュー め に ゆ ヲ やさい niku meat menyuu ロlenu yasal vegetable え ん ぴつ enpitsu pencil かさ lくasa umbrella かぱん kaban bag く つ kutsu shoes * さ L 、ふ saifu wallet ジー ン ズ じ い ん f じしょ J IInZU ]eans jisho dictionary じ てん し ゃ jitensha bicycle し ん ぶん shinbun newspaper teepu tape tokee watch; clock toreenaa sweat shirt .. A. イ ギリ ス q す かんこ く Igirisu Britain lくankoku Korea C h uugoku China |くeezai economlCS konpyuutaa co口lputer bijinesu business rekish i history おかあ さん okaasan mother おと う さん otoo san father べ/ P I α c e s * おてあらい C 0 U n t r i e s 一一あ タ た ちゅ う ごく M a j o r s ユゆスす ピ y 均し ネ ンんげ ンじ、き コニビコれ け い ざい F 。 m i I y m 。 n e y 本 L、 く ら * ~え ん 巴理 E M 。 t t e 5 5 r 5 ikura how much en .

Yamada. 3 . Y ou come to class in the morning. Greet your teacher. Greet your friends. 4 . On a crowded train, you stepped on someone's foot. 5 . You dropped your book. Someone picked it up for you. 6. It is eight 0 ' clock at night. You happen to meet your teacher at the convenience store. 7 . You are watching TV with your host family. It is time to go to sleep. 8 . Y ou are leaving home. 9 . You have come back home. 1 0 . Y ou are going to start eating. 1 1 . Y ou have finished eating. ⑨|砂会話 文法編 [� !

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