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By D.B. O'Callaghan

ISBN-10: 0582749212

ISBN-13: 9780582749214

Книга An Illustrated historical past of america An Illustrated heritage of the united states Книги Исторические Автор: Bryn O'Callaghan Формат: pdf Размер: 49,7 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Иллюстрированная история США начиная с первых колонистов и до 90-х годов XX века.

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Together these tell amendments arc called the Bill of Rights. The reason fo r the Bill of Rights w as that the original Co nstitu tion had said no thing about the righ ts and freedoms o f indi vid ual citizens. T he UiH of Rights altered this. 1 free press, free speech. the righ t to carry arms, the right to a fair trial by j ur y, and protect ion against"crud and unusual punishments... T he Court'S new C hiefjusricc. to give him his official title, was j oh n Marshall. Marshall was a -le-vear-old lawyer and politician who had fought in the A merican army du ring rhe War o fbrdcpcn dcncc.

J) THE JUOIC IA J BRANCH ,_ H _. etaries appoi nt ed b~ t he P reSident V ice -P resid e nt - elect ed ..... ' . B. The rules and a rra nge me nt s for Ihe Government of t he U. S. A. shown here are laid do wn in the COIIslitutlOfl . This ..... ntten document defines and limits the po ..... e rs of th e Fede ral Government and div ides t hem belween the Go vernme nt's three main branChes - Leg islati ve. h ec ut ive a nd Judicial. 33 A NEW NATION George Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion In 1788 George Washing to n was electe d as the first President of the U nited States.

T hey did this to prevent th e Con fede racy fro m selling its co tton ab road and fro m obtaiumg foreign supplies. In both men and m aterial resources the N o rth wa s m uch st ronger than tilt' South. It had a population of twenty- two mi llio n peo ple. Th e South had only milt' m illion peo ple and 3. 5 mill io n of them w ere slave s. T he N orth grt' w m or e food crops than the South. It also had m or e than five tim es th e m an ufactu ring capacity, inc luding most o f the co unt ry's weapon facto ries.

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