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Roger Fenton (1819-1869) used to be England’s such a lot celebrated and influential photographer in the course of the 1850s, the “golden age” of this substantially new medium. Fenton’s majestic photographs of cathedrals, state homes, and sundry nation-state have been with out peer in England—as have been his perspectives of the royal castles and homes of Parliament that embodied Britain’s energy. yet Fenton’s number of matters ranged extra greatly nonetheless: he was once one of the first to picture the Kremlin and different landmarks of Moscow and Kiev; he used to be commissioned in 1855 to record the Crimean battle, generating early battle images; and he created theatrical Orientalist gown photographs and a startling sequence of lush nonetheless lifes.

Fenton had first studied legislation and portray, yet quickly after he took up the digital camera he used to be making photos that have been technically extraordinary and hugely unique of their dealing with of composition, standpoint, surroundings, and light-weight. consistently he strove to illustrate that images may perhaps equivalent the paintings of portray or even surpass it. He was once the strength in the back of the founding of the Photographic Society (later the Royal Photographic Society), which labored to strengthen the career and inspired the exhibition of participants’ works all through Britain. In a occupation of a unmarried decade, Fenton did a lot to remodel images right into a medium of robust expression and visible delight.

This exquisitely produced book—the first complete booklet on Fenton in virtually twenty years—presents eighty-five of the artist’s best pictures and discusses each point of his paintings and his extraordinary career.

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