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Also, ‘it is the linguistic expression of a proposition (SL 35) (cf. 39-50). Just as a ‘sentence’ ‘combines a subject of discourse with a statement in regard to this subject’, a ‘proposition’ involves ‘a subject of discourse’ plus ‘something’ ‘said about it’ (SL 35, 119). ‘The sentence does not lose its feeling of unity so long as each and every one’ of its ‘elements’ ‘falls into place as contributory to the definition of either the subject of discourse or the core of the predicate’ (SL 36). Still, ‘the vast majority of languages’ ‘create some formal barrier between these two terms of the proposition’ (SL 119).

29). Even the single sentence is said to have a ‘local economy’ of ‘its terms’ (SL 85). 9 If we ‘accept language as a fully formed functional system within man's psychic or “spiritual” constitution’, then ‘we cannot define it as an entity in psychophysical terms alone’ (SL 10f). We should ‘discuss the intention, the form, and the history of speech’ ‘as an institutional or cultural entity’ and ‘take for granted’ ‘the organic and psychological mechanisms back of it’. Sapir is thus ‘not concerned with those aspects of physiology and physiological psychology that underlie speech’ (cf.

6 ‘Language and our thought grooves are inextricably interrelated, are in a sense, one and the same’ (SL 217f). ‘Linguistic morphology is nothing more or less than a collective art of thought, an art denuded of the irrelevancies of individual sentiment’ (SL 218). Moreover, ‘all voluntary communication of ideas, aside from normal speech, is either a transfer, direct or indirect, from the typical symbolism of language as spoken and heard, or, at the least, involves the intermediary of truly linguistic symbolism’ (SL 21).

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