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By Paul Kemp

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An illustrated paintings overlaying the naval component of global conflict II. the topic is mentioned in line with kind of motion, together with fleet activities, provider war, submarine struggle, coastal forces and unique forces. The publication additionally comprises illustrations of lifestyles at sea and hand over ceremonies.

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Left: May 1941 saw the German battleship Bismarck sortie into the Atlantic on a commerce raiding operation. Virtually the entire Royal Navy in home waters was mobilised to hunt the Bismarck down, including the carriers Victorious with the Home Fleet and Ark Royal operating with Force H out of Gibraltar. Here Swordfish are ranged on Victorious' flight deck before the strike launched on 24 May. One hit was scored but it did little or no damage to the German battleship. Left: The erratic wake left by Bismarck after Ark Royal's aircraft attacked on 26 May.

The battle reached its most critical point in the late spring and early summer of 1943 when German U-boats almost succeeded in severing the North Atlantic seaway. Above, left: Before the sailing of a convoy there would be a meeting of the Masters of the merchant ships, the Commanding Officers of the escorts, the Convoy Commodore and the relevant officers from the shore staff. The route to be taken and signalling arrangements would be discussed and grievances would be aired. It was traditional for ships' Masters to wear civilian clothes at such conferences.

Nine carriers and twelve battleships are visible in this picture together with a large number of cruisers, destroyers and other ships. Top, right: The 'Ready Room', where pilots rested between operations and where they were briefed about objectives. Above: A carrier task group at sea. In the foreground is an Independence class light carrier built on the hull of a Cleveland class cruiser; in the background is an Essex class carrier. Behind are a number of battleships whose role in fast carrier operations was the provision of massed defensive AA fire.

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