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BEERBOHM, MAX (1872-1956). Wit, author and caricaturist, and a consistently hostile critic of Kipling. J. G. Riewald speaks of his 'lifelong aversion to Rudyard Kipling', and Carrington says that Beerbohm 'hated' Kipling and 'set out to destroy [his] reputation'. What he regarded as the other's brashness and stridency irritated him, as no doubt did Kipling's remarkable success (when the latter received an honorary degree from 22 A Kipling Who's Who 23 Oxford - Beerbohm's own university - in 1907, he complained that 'the idols of the market-place need no wreaths from an university').

In viceregal circles], you won't understand how to fill in, and you will say it is impossible. ('Consequences') and again: 'I have not time to explain why just now' ('The Bisara ofPooree'). The reader is sometimes hectored even more grossly than this, as in a story that begins threateningly ('Understand clearly .. ') and concludes: 'Of course, you don't believe it. A little bit of sober fact is more than you can stand' ('The Broken-Link Handicap'). The reader is also drawn into the fictional situation by being assumed to belong to the same society as the characters (here, of course, we recall that the stories originated in a newspaper with a specialized readership).

The poem 'I~' is said to have been based on him. KIPLING, ALICE (nee Macdonald) (1837-1910), mother of Rudyard and wife of John Lockwood Kipling. She was the eldest daughter of the Revd George Macdonald (1805-68), a Methodist minister, and his wife Hannah (1809-75). The Macdonald sisters were a remarkable group: one married the painter Edward Burne-Jones; another married another artist, Edward Poynter; yet another married a well-known public figure and became the mother of a prime minister, Stanley Baldwin.

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