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This consonant is then split in a syllabic and a non-syllabic part. The latter forms the onset of the following syllable. (60) |à-LtŲ‫ ڟ‬# L-kùàn # H # ù-Þۖ͡| ࣰ /àtũ‫ ڟ‬kwàn ՕࣨwÞ‫͡ڟ‬/ (NSP) ࣰ /àtũ‫ ڟ‬kw$n ࣨwÞ‫͡ڟ‬/ (SSP) Syllabification of an initial non-syllabic nasal as in (59) can take place only if all weight units to the right are saturated with tones. Otherwise, the floating high tone does not trigger syllable formation, but simply attaches to the existing syllable, as is the case when mbàz is inserted in the same phrase.

Representation of |Þ| The morphophoneme |Þ| is represented by /wa/18 if it is the nucleus of a prominent syllable and if it is not immediately followed by a word boundary. Elsewhere, it is represented by /Þ/. (39) a. |bÞ‫ ڮ‬#| ࣰ /bÞ‫ڮ‬/ ‘rot’ b. |bÞ‫ڮ‬-là| ࣰ /bwàlÞ‫ڮ‬/ ‘destroy, make rot’ (40) a. |Ͱ‫ڮ‬-kÞۖl| ࣰ /͡‫ڮ‬kw$l/ ‘rope’ b. |dÞ‫ڟ‬ktŲ‫ڮ‬n| ࣰ /dwáktŲ‫ڹ‬n/ ‘doctrine’ < French doctrine (41) |Ͱ‫ڮ‬-SÞ‫ڟ‬bá‫ ࣰ |ڟ‬/͟‫ڮ‬ҷwábÞ‫ڟ‬/ ‘mortar’ Both representations, /Þ/ and /wa/, are possible when |Þ| is followed by a velar consonant, with perhaps a preference for /Þ/.

D-ùlà| ࣰ /dùlà/ ‘a walk’ When the stem of a gender 5 noun begins in /wa/, there are two possibilities: (50) a. |d-Þۖd| ࣰ /dw$d/ ‘furuncle’ b. |Ų‫ڮ‬-wálì| ࣰ /Ų‫ڮ‬wálî/ ‘birth’ Now consider the form of the following gender 5 word for another example of analogy in the application of vowel harmony. 5. Elision and reduction Postprominent vowel morphophonemes that are followed by a word boundary (but not by a pause) tend to be not represented. (52) a. |mũ‫ڮ‬-H-jŲ‫ڟ‬n-Lgì -H # ͟Ų‫ ࣰ |ڦ‬/mũ‫ڮ‬jŲ‫ڟ‬ngũ‫͟ ڟ‬ũ‫ڹ‬/ ‘I have seen him’ b.

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