A Farewell to Legs: An Aaron Tucker Mystery (Aaron Tucker by Jeffrey Cohen, Damon Abdallah, Books in Motion PDF

By Jeffrey Cohen, Damon Abdallah, Books in Motion

ISBN-10: 1890862290

ISBN-13: 9781890862299

ISBN-10: 1890862347

ISBN-13: 9781890862343

The lifetime of Aaron Tucker - freelance author and stay-at-home dad - is whatever yet uninteresting. in truth, Aaron manages to discover himself in far more probability than your ordinary mild-mannered Jewish man. He lands in a homicide research while a number one conservative flesh presser is located lifeless in his DC lodge room, came across by way of his mistress after her lengthy post-coital bathe. She (a former item of Aaron's affection) asks Aaron to discover the killer. Aaron does not see himself as an investigating genius yet he is taking the task, which does not take a seat good together with his family members.

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A Farewell to Legs: An Aaron Tucker Mystery (Aaron Tucker Mysteries, 2) by Jeffrey Cohen, Damon Abdallah, Books in Motion

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